I’m delighted you’ve joined me here!

Here at Sweet Life For Mum’s we understand the dynamics of being a mum and the desire to pursue a lifestyle that works for you and not the other way around.

If you’re visiting for the first time and don’t know me, I’m Renee Hammond. I’m Mum to four children, and as much as I love and cherish this aspect of my life, being a mum doesn’t define me. Like all of us I am three dimensional. I have a passion for exploring life’s limits and reshaping the mould to adapt to my lifestyle…all completely legal, I assure you.

One area I am most passionate about is empowering mum’s to materialise their dreams. As a motivation & success coach it is my privilege to champion mum’s to grasp their dreams and to succeed.

Feel free to browse the pages of Sweet Life For Mum’s, or join me on social media. Support and encouragement from other likeminded mum’s can make all the difference in reaching your goal to live the life you love.

I hope your day is filled with inspiration and steps toward conquering your dreams.

Live, laugh and have fun…always!

❤ Renee x