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Do you ever feel there is something missing from your life—that you’re meant to be doing more than you’re currently doing? Or, perhaps, you have this awesome idea waiting for you to breathe life into it, but don’t know where to begin?

Know that you’re not alone. For many years I floundered as I searched for a career path that made sense enough for me to venture down. Having four children I needed to work school hours only, with pupil free days off and school holidays too…unrealistic I know, but the cost of daycare meant I would be working to pay for someone to look after my children with little left over.

Building my own business, working hours around being a mum, was my mission, but what did I have to offer that someone else wasn’t already doing better?

Self-doubt was my biggest enemy. Fear of failure my biggest hurdle.

Over the years I forced myself to overcome both. Self-doubt often drops in to taunt me. Now, instead of paralysing me, I acknowledge it as a reminder not to become complacent and then I let it go. Fear doesn’t hesitate to kick in every time I launch a project or contemplate a new idea.

As if a portal for injecting self-doubt, fear has the potential of being lethal. Of halting you in your tracks and crushing your dreams before they develop past an idea.

Don’t let this happen to you.

You owe it to yourself to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of being. It may be hard work, but hey, what’s harder than being a mum? Self-doubt and fear plagued me in the motherhood department from the moment two lines showed up on the stick I peed on. Did I freak out and declare I wasn’t going to birth my baby because I was scared I’d be a lousy mum? Nope. I embraced the challenge because a spark of hope mixed with the desire to be the best mum I could became my driving force.

Somehow we manage to get through months, even years, with little sleep to nurture the little bundle that is completely dependant upon us. Sometimes we fumble our way through, other times it’s a breeze. Self-doubt and fear still creeps in, along with every other emotion imaginable, but we keep going. We manage.

Building a business doesn’t even compare with the challenges we deal with everyday as a mum, nor does it carry the responsibility. Whose life are you going to ruin if your business doesn’t blossom bright as a lotus flower. The truth is, not even your own. Sure you might be disappointed, but one failed attempt isn’t the end…it’s merely a lesson on how to launch bigger and better the next time.

You deserve to tailor the life you want to live, and to reap the benefits of the work you put in. But before you go any further, you first need to believe in yourself and the idea behind your business.

What have you got to lose? Push through the fear, kick self-doubt out the door and lock it, and let’s get this show on the road!

Until next time, grab yourself a notebook and carry it with you always. Write down every idea that jumps out at you. Even if it doesn’t make sense write it down anyway. There’s a reason that a moment stands out enough to grab your attention. Not all of the ideas you have will develop beyond a thought, but they may be the starting point of something wonderful.

Look through the norm and see life for all its possibilities…and remember, believe in yourself, always.

Renee x




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