Quote Of The Week


Don’t ever forget you love to dance.

When was the last time you kicked off your shoes, left uncertainty at the door, and danced the night away?

Now, let’s use dance as a metaphor for any activity you once loved to do…if you can think of the last time you indulged in this pleasure then I want you to push a little deeper and admit to yourself how often you do this?

Okay, now…completely different question. When was the last time you cleaned your bathroom?

How often do you clean your bathroom?

Do you love cleaning your bathroom?

If yes…do you want to clean mine? If you’re like me, and your answer is that you don’t particularly love cleaning the bathroom, but do it because you have to, then I would love if you would answer one more question…

Why is it that you find the time to do activities you tolerate, because someone has to do them, but you don’t take time out to dance?

I’m not going to argue with anyone if they offer up the excuse that life gets in the way, that you’re too busy or, let’s face it, too exhausted after running around after the kids all day. I’m hearing you, tired over here too…not going to lie.

Over the coming weeks, I will explore ways not only to keep your bathroom spick and span, but for dance to take centre stage and outshine the rest of your show…

Stay tuned for more and, in the meantime, may your week be filled with unforgettable moments.

Renee x


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