Climb To Reach The Top 501

Sometimes, no matter how straight forward the climb may seem, you’re still not sure which branch to swing from first. Not completely sure which one has the strength to hold the weight, to support you as you gain footing and boost off to the next step.

Your ultimate goal is in sight. You know exactly where you want to go, but it’s the how to get there that is most confusing.

The first part of your climb is often the easiest. You’ve made up your mind that your dream is worth pursuing. You’re passionate. You’re driven. You’re fired up and raring to go. As you climb higher, branches are more readily available. Make good choices, don’t be distracted by the pretty bunch of blossoms blooming at the tips of a flimsy branch. Just because it looks like an easy road to glory doesn’t mean it’s the only one, or the one intended for you, especially when you’re hungry for the fruit at the top and not a quick fix that will wilt before you reach it.

Keep pushing on, or else risk stagnation whilst your goal looms overhead.

There will be times when you can’t see the top through the dense canopy of leaves. This is when you have to trust in yourself. Trust in your plan. Trust in your visualisation, and keep climbing higher.

Throughout the process there will be times when you’re tired, when the task you have taken on seems impossible. You’ll probably ask yourself if this is what you really want? If your efforts will be rewarded in the end? Why are you doing this again? You are being fuelled  by the fear and self doubt always lurking to stifle your flame before you even get a chance to grow to your full potential and illuminate the industry in which you’ve set your sights on burning up in a big way.

Keep climbing. Branch by branch. Let nothing stop you. You are closer now than you’ve ever been to living the life you want.

Renee x


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