Don’t Forget To Have Fun funs


Too often I’ve seen people dedicate all of their time to building a business, and forgetting to have fun.

I agree that chasing your dreams, and focusing on your ultimate goal is a form of fun in itself. Watching your vision take shape and come alive, because of the hard work you’ve been putting in, is so rewarding, but…

Laughter and conversation, that has absolutely nothing to do with what consumes you when you’re not being an entrepreneur, a mum, or a partner, inspires passion on a whole new level. It has the potential to open your eyes to opportunities you would’ve otherwise missed.

At times, when we have a particular focus, we hone in to what is waiting for us at the end of our journey and forget about the sights worth a glance along the way.

Distractions are only a problem if you linger for too long.

As with all aspects of life, know your limits, schedule time to have fun, if you’d feel better about it. Shut off from the internet, and BE in the moment. Life is fabulous, don’t let it pass you by without knowing it for all it has to offer.

Renee x


3 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Have Fun

    1. Thanks Maddison. Life is so busy, it’s easy to neglect having fun. As much as I like balance, the scales being heavier on the side of laughter pleases me more. I hope you have plenty to smile about too. 🙂

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