Pineapple Face Mask pineapple


People often ask what skin care products I use and are disappointed when I tell them I make my own, or else they ask for the recipe…this pineapple face mask is at the top of my list of favourites. I hope you love it too.

Pineapple is a brilliant exfoliant, it practically melts dead skin away and leaves your face, neck and chest feeling silky smooth.

When applying any skincare products, always avoid the eye area unless it’s a product made specifically for there. The idea is to prevent signs of ageing, not speed the process up by damaging the delicate skin around your eyes.

Yes, there are some fabulous products on the market, and it’s much easier to buy a tube from your local retail store. Personally, I love going to the fridge or out into my garden to pick fresh natural products to pamper myself with.

Take time out for you…believe that you deserve it, because you do…pamper yourself, relax and enjoy!

Renee x


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