Stepping Out


There are some weeks that by the time Wednesday rolls around I feel ready for an extra long nana-nap.

Work turns to procrastination…checking emails, social media platforms, websites, sales reports, even housework becomes an appealing alternative to getting the job done. Anything that requires little thought, little imagination, takes the place of productivity.

One of the best ways for me to regain momentum, to continue moving forward, is to step away from the workload piling up around me and to get active.

To some of us exercise is a chore, for others a torture chamber sounds more desirable, sweating it out at the gym is the last thing you want to be doing.

Instead of thinking of it as exercise, a dirty word in someone else’s vocabulary, think of it as the perfect opportunity to  spend time with those you care about.

Strap your toddler in a pram and take a walk to a local cafe for coffee and cake (no one said we were doing it for weight loss). Book a dance lesson for you and your partner to attend. Date night and fitness…multitasking as a woman does best. Tia Chi with a friend you don’t usually make time to catch up with is seemingly relaxing, but an awesome full body work out. My daughters love yoga and pilates…the perfect way to cleanse the mind, strengthen the body and bond with your teenager.

It’s amazing how quick a small burst of physical activity will stimulate you imagination. The forward motion flowing through to activities you had been avoiding for lack of motivation.

Give it a go…what have you got to lose?

Renee x



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