Keep The Passion Alive DateNight 1

Have you ever stopped to think that there will come a time when life does a three sixty? The kids will be grown up with lives of their own. Your family home will either empty or be used like a hotel for them to come and go as they please.

Many women I have spoken to expressed concern about this period in their future…scared of being alone with the person they were once closest to…what will we talk about? We have nothing in common? If he gives up work I’m checking into an asylum…sound familiar?

The problem is not that you don’t love each other anymore, it’s just that you don’t know each other. Over the years the path you walked together grew wider. Keeping to the curb, with responsibility wedged in between, you fell out of sync.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes over the years, especially in the relationship department, so this comes from a place of experience above all else. Making an effort for the one you love can be what makes or breaks a relationship.

Take time out, together. Escape the madness at home. Hire a babysitter or call up a favour from a family member or close friend. Keep it simple if money is tight. Pack a picnic dinner and head to a local park. Sit by the river and watch the sunset. Take a walk along the beach. Hold hands. Talk. Flirt. Kiss as if it’s the first, or last, time you ever kissed each other. Keep the passion alive.

For those of you who love to get dressed up, do so. Take extra time whilst getting ready. Pamper yourself a little, not only for your date, but for yourself. Too often we fall into the habit of putting ourselves last, I get it, I do it too. But, I also make time for me.

The weekend is coming up…be bold…be brave…ask your partner out on a date, and make it happen…on a regular basis.

Remember to relax, laugh and have fun…always!

Renee x


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