Definition Of Success 9 to 5

In my opinion, success is so much more than an annual income or career status. I believe that the definition of success is changeable from one person to the next.

For me, success falls under many subheadings and my measure for achieving success varies. Over the years these subheadings have changed, as I have changed. Being flexible has allowed me room to figure out what I want in my life, what needs my attention, and what is not so important to me anymore.

Career vs Job is one of my subheadings.

Income gained from a job may simply be a means for paying your bills and buying the lifestyle you desire. The field you currently work in may be so far from your definition of a successful career, instead it serves its purpose on a completely different level. This is not an abnormal reason for dedicating time and effort to build someone else’s dream…especially if it’s currently funding your own.

The truth is, not everyone wants to build a business of their own. To carry the responsibility of running the show. There are many who are happy to work for an income and not take on more. Be true to you and the lifestyle you want. Does it include having a career, or does a job serve your needs well enough? Do you aspire to be an employer, or an employee?

There is no right or wrong answer, unless it goes against the grain of living the life you want.

You may be in a situation where you work a job to pay the bills whilst you build the business of your dreams…this is not uncommon. No matter how low the start up costs of a business are, we still have to eat. Whatever you have to do, within reason, to get you to where you want to go is a step in the right direction.

At times it may seem as if you’ll never get there. You may even wonder why it is you are bothering. The answer is quite simple…progress is progress even if it’s slow. If you don’t try you won’t get to where you want to go anyway. If you are passionate about obtaining the level of success  you wish to achieve, you will see it through.

Over the next few weeks I will chat about the other subheadings I consider when determining whether I’m living the successful life of my dreams.

Until then, take some time to think about where you want to be in three years time…what direction you want to be heading…and what steps can you set in place to pave the path to living your ideal life. Perhaps you could come up with some subheadings of your own.

Live, laugh and have fun…always!

Renee x


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