Do It Anyway not them

Have you ever noticed when you share an idea, or begin a journey true to you, there are people around you who adopt it as there own? They see what you’re doing, and the response you are getting, and so they tweak your idea enough to deny copying you?

Infuriating? Disappointing? Disheartening? Considering giving up and taking a new road to live the life you want?

My advice is don’t give up on your dreams. DO IT ANYWAY!

Passion is a driving force behind materialising living the life you want. Being true to your idea is what set it apart to the rest in the first place.

In my experience, being true to you and the journey you are on is the only one that works out in the end. It is easy to see through someone who is following the trail of another because their consistency is out, their voice is rigid, and they are no more comfortable in your wake than you are having them there.

Don’t glance sideways, or behind you, your goal is directly in front. Keep moving forward no matter how distracting it may be.

Shift your mindset. Try feeling flattered! You’re a sublime vision of potential. A trend setter. An inspiration worth mimicking. Be true to your awesome.

No matter how clear your path is life will throw you obstacles along the way. These obstacles will be like ant hills to you because your vision of where you’re heading is proof that no matter what you have to do, it’ll be worth the hurdles in the end.

These crossroads will be the times your copycat diverts. Their path will shift toward the dreams they build for themselves along the way. The differences will begin to show and one idea will become two…or continue as one if they abort your idea and adopt one of their own.

No one can turn your idea into the master creation of your dreams because they are not seeing what you see.

Rise above the negative, grasp hold of the positive, let your passion sparkle and shine, and enjoy your journey.

Renee x



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