Celebrate The Baby Steps

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Since having school aged children I set Sunday evening aside to prepare for the week ahead. As my children have grown up I have less to do for them and more to do for me.

Sunday is my day to celebrate all that I managed to achieve over the previous week. Progress is progress, and even if I don’t do all that is on my to-do-list, I spend time focusing on the things I managed to get done.

Don’t be shy to acknowledge even the tiniest of achievements. Some weeks you will be more productive than others, but guess what, you’re no different to me or to supermom down the street. There will be times that the only thing we manage to cross off our to-do-list is that we fed, bathed and cared for the children…however, the washing pile is growing, both the clean and the dirty…business plans went on hold because little Johnny had an earache and wanted cuddles all day…or perhaps you were tired. Yep, being tired is a real thing, you are entitled to feel it too!

Run yourself a bath laced with your favourite essential oils and pour yourself a glass of bubbles. You deserve to celebrate in style…if this is not your way, then find what it is you like to do and take some time out. It’s hard work being a mum, don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Relaxed but raring to go, set about writing out a to-do-list for the coming week. Be honest with yourself. If all you have time to fit into your current schedule is one or two more tasks to tackle, then don’t add ten. Sure, have a back up list for if all gets done and you’re keen for more. But, feeling overwhelmed has the potential of hindering your progress.

The idea is to be true to yourself. To be as real as you can possibly be.

In the past, my to-do-list was always overwhelming. I beat myself up if I didn’t achieve, which left me in a not so happy place. These days I am less demanding. I have a weekly to-do-list, and a daily one. I find this allows me more flexibility. I have the luxury of scheduling last minute mentoring sessions, or coffee out with friends, without stressing about what else I should be doing. I then juggle my days to fit in the tasks I neglected whilst I was out enjoying myself.

This is how I work best, but my advice to you is to find what suits your lifestyle. Some people work well with a more structured schedule…I feel claustrophobic, and fight structure like my life depends upon it. We’re all different.

Set yourself up for success and manifest the life you want.

Live, laugh and have fun…always!

Renee x


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