Quote Of The Week

sweetlifeformums.com instinct 2

Your heart knows things that your mind can’t explain.

Trust your instincts, they won’t lead you astray.

Have you ever thought an idea to be not so good, but you had no reason to support the nagging feeling, so went ahead only for it to crash and burn. That nagging sensation wasn’t you trying to put a damper on the situation, but a warning.

The same goes for positive situations. Be careful of doubt creeping in to confuse things. Fear is not an unusual reaction to trying something new, or going against what others believe is best for you. I find meditation helps me to set the two apart…and if I’m still unsure, I wait on the idea. Brainstorm. Write pros and cons. Talk it out with a bestie, partner or coach…explore your options, but don’t ignore your instinct. We are gifted this for a reason, use it well.

The same goes with parenting. Have you ever heard a mother say, “I knew my baby wasn’t right even though the doctors told me there was nothing wrong.” Acknowledge. Trust. Seek answers until you find them, or until your instinct settles…sometimes the related issue resolves itself…a tooth cuts through, a cold clears up, or an upset tummy settles.

Listen to the voices that don’t speak, above all others.

Live, laugh and have fun…always!

Renee x



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