Keep Fairy Vampires At Bay insect.jpg

I’m not a lover of insects…to be more specific, mosquitoes, especially after seeing the crippling effect Ross River Virus infection had on my otherwise fit and healthy brother.

I also don’t like the chemicals in supermarket bought insect repellant, so for years I have made my own. It’s easy, smells divine and makes your skin feel silky smooth…

The ratio of carrier oil, in this case Sweet Almond Oil, to essential oil is 30ml carrier oil to 12 drops of essential oil for adults. When my children were little I limited the essential oils and increased the carrier oil according to age (x8 for babies, x4 2-7yrs, x2 8-11yrs, full strength 12+).

I use equal drops of the following oils, which works well for me. If there is one you don’t particularly like, you can make up your own blend so long as you stick with the dilution ratio.

My trusty blend includes Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint,Rosemary, Cinnamon and Clove.

I always apply oil after a shower, wait for it to soak into my skin and wipe off the excess before I dress so as not to get oil splotches on my clothes.

Happy brewing.

Renee x


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