Deadlines That Work For You deadline

Working for yourself, especially when doing so from home, is a tricky business. Being a busy mum, it can be difficult to maintain focus and to get the job done when little people are demanding your attention.

It seemed, in the past, that whenever I set myself a task, something would prevent me from getting the job done on time…the car battery ran flat, one of my children got a virus, which meant plans went out the window to care for them, or the cat swallowed lego and had to  go to the vet…yep, we all have days like that.

I used to set unrealistic deadlines and berated myself when I failed to meet them, or else worked through the night just to get them done. This didn’t equate to me living the life I loved, it saw to me being exhausted all of the time.

Still I continue to set deadlines, but now I do it a little different.

First I establish my major goals and then I break it down into bite size pieces that I can manage each day. As I always have so much on the go at once, I also prioritise as to what is the most important to me, or has to be completed first.

I find that by writing all of my goals down and breaking the steps up into monthly, fortnightly, weekly and daily lists, I a more efficient than if I make a mental note of what I should be doing. I’m busy. I don’t intentionally forget, but I’m merely human, not a machine.

As many of my projects tie in together, there are times that I can multitask to ease my workload. For example, I have three businesses and I write fiction books under three names. If I have a new book coming out and I intend to drop fliers in letterboxes, I ensure I have enough to promote across the board…I also help my dad out by promoting his horse transporting business, and will do the same for my mum who is currently establishing a business with the divine soap she makes (and I love!). Multitasking is what we, as mum’s, do best…work it to your advantage.

Another type of deadline I work to, and find to be an awesome incentive, is booking in for a workshop or a conference I need to have a project finished for. The reward of getting out and about makes the challenge even more enjoyable.

So, be realistic with your deadlines…if you don’t meet the one you set, then reschedule and keep going, you can do it! Look for incentives that work for you. Celebrate your successes and don’t beat yourself up for failing. Failure is the perfect way to learn what not to do next time. Move past disappointment quickly, push your deadline out a little if you can, and don’t break stride.

Keep moving forward and live your dreams.

Renee x 


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