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I love having plans to look forward to on the weekend. Over the years, when my children were little, I placed many things in the too-hard-basket because I was tired. My then husband was a fifo worker and doing everything on my own meant getting out of the house became another chore.

Fed up with not having adult conversation, sometimes for most of the week, I decided to change my mindset. If it was too hard to bustle the kids in the car and go out, then I would invite my friends to come to me.

My house was large, with plenty of room for the kids to play, whilst the ladies and I sat back and enjoyed a movie night…pyjamas, popcorn, cocktails and candy…what more could we want.

On hand if the kids needed us, we took turns to peek at what they were up to, especially if they were too quiet, and anyone who wanted to crash the night did so.

Relaxed and fuss-free was the perfect end to a busy week.

So, if your keen for a girls night out and can’t think of what to do, or don’t have someone to call on as a regular babysitter, try your own version of a girls night in. Take it in turns to host, that way you lighten the load, even once a month gives you something fun to look forward to.

Remember to live, laugh and have fun…always!

Renee x




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