Do It For You do it

Have you ever been put in a position that although you wanted to say no you felt you couldn’t? Perhaps you agreed to something without giving it a lot of thought, but took the plunge so as not to let someone else down? Or, maybe it was something so simple as you needed the money.

Throughout life we will most probably experience a situation where we end up doing something that means more to someone else than it does to ourselves. Yes, said out of obligation or as a result of running out of options may be the answer to putting a roof over our heads and food on the table, but it’ll rarely nourish our soul.

I know what it’s like to be caught up in a job I didn’t want to work just to make money. I know what it’s like to suffer night after sleepless night tending to babies/children only to be up at the crack of dawn and expected at my best. It’s not easy, no matter how it looks to an outsider…but that’s a whole different, never ending, topic.

The only way to change your future is to take action now. When you are super busy is often the best time to start, because if you’re passionate enough to pursue your ideas at the most difficult times, then you are cooking up a feast worthy to feed your soul.

Remember, we’re being real about manifesting the life we want, so don’t prepare a three course meal when you only have time to plan the menu. Steal moments that would otherwise have been wasted. If you require details then make a phone call a day. If research is necessary then read an article or two. Or catch up with a friend or family member for coffee and have a brainstorm session. Two minds double your potential to turn a diluted idea into one of impact…that’s not to say you can’t achieve this alone because I believe you can, if you step outside the box and let your imagination run wild.

Reach deep. Be true. Do it for you.

Renee x 


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