Simplicity Is Bliss


I have grown up hearing the words less is more. I even preach them to my children, yet somewhere along my path I forgot to take my own advice.

Have you ever felt like time was ticking and that you had to do everything right now or else you’ll miss the boat and life will sail past you? Like me, you are the complete opposite to she who hesitates…you jump feet first into everything, grasping all you can upon your descent.

Sometimes you land on your feet and all you took on lines up in an orderly row…you’re not entirely sure what you’ll do with the new additions you clung to, but you managed them all the same. And then there are times when all the additions you clutch fall in a heap on top of you.

Too often in the past, this was me. The world was up for the taking and I thought I could manage it single handedly. Since then I have stopped trying to be Wonder Woman and have embrace the mum in me. Yes, I can pull out some tricks that see me performing juggling acts, but I much prefer the bliss of simplicity.

Step back from all that you do and settle down on your most comfy chair, with your favourite beverage, and open to a fresh page in the journal of your life journey.

Before you write anything down, think about where you want to be in five years. What do you want to be doing?

I know, you’ve heard this thousands of times, but give it a shot. Write down all the the things you want to see come to fruition in five years. Relationship. Family. Career. Finances. Leisure. Travel. All those important things that make up a lifestyle. Your list can be long or short, it doesn’t matter so long as it is true to you. No one will ever have to read this list, so let your imagination loose, be creative, pour your heart out…be brave…be real…be you.

You don’t have to achieve all that is on your list in the next five years, steady progress is great too.

Now, take a look at all the things you currently devote your time to. Think about them and how they are progressing you toward your ideal plan. What role do they play in moving you forward…or how are they holding you back?

Are you working a job you dislike, but you’re saving for your dream holiday and you need the money to fund six months in Europe? Awesome! Stick a big picture of your destination on the bathroom mirror and gaze at it everyday before you head off for work. The drag of your day job will certainly pay off…then there is that degree you’re studying online but are no longer interested in. To save face you’re going to complete it even if it kills you…get rid of it. Find something you love. Find something you’re passionate about. Find something that works with you toward building the life you want to live.

Let go of what no longer serves you. This is your life to live the way you want to live it.

Don’t lose sight of where you are heading. Take the steps that count toward your dream life. You will get there! Quicker if you remain true to yourself and focus on what is important to you.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Manifest the life you love!

Renee x 


Quote Of The Week


A few bad chapters does not mean your story is over.

Have you ever noticed that challenges sent to test us tend not to fly solo? As if one lesson at a time is not enough to learn, instead the lessons pile up to form a mountain too high to clearly see the sun still shining on the other side.

At times there may seem no easy way around the mountain, leaving you no choice but to dig a tunnel straight through the middle. Now, this may not be the easy option, nor a quick fix solution, and you may have to venture through deeper and darker territory before you see even a glimmer of hope. But, just think how much brighter the light will seem once you break through to the other side.

Believe in yourself. Rewrite your story, a couple of times if that’s what it takes. The life you want to live is waiting for you.

❤ Renee x

Do It For You do it

Have you ever been put in a position that although you wanted to say no you felt you couldn’t? Perhaps you agreed to something without giving it a lot of thought, but took the plunge so as not to let someone else down? Or, maybe it was something so simple as you needed the money.

Throughout life we will most probably experience a situation where we end up doing something that means more to someone else than it does to ourselves. Yes, said out of obligation or as a result of running out of options may be the answer to putting a roof over our heads and food on the table, but it’ll rarely nourish our soul.

I know what it’s like to be caught up in a job I didn’t want to work just to make money. I know what it’s like to suffer night after sleepless night tending to babies/children only to be up at the crack of dawn and expected at my best. It’s not easy, no matter how it looks to an outsider…but that’s a whole different, never ending, topic.

The only way to change your future is to take action now. When you are super busy is often the best time to start, because if you’re passionate enough to pursue your ideas at the most difficult times, then you are cooking up a feast worthy to feed your soul.

Remember, we’re being real about manifesting the life we want, so don’t prepare a three course meal when you only have time to plan the menu. Steal moments that would otherwise have been wasted. If you require details then make a phone call a day. If research is necessary then read an article or two. Or catch up with a friend or family member for coffee and have a brainstorm session. Two minds double your potential to turn a diluted idea into one of impact…that’s not to say you can’t achieve this alone because I believe you can, if you step outside the box and let your imagination run wild.

Reach deep. Be true. Do it for you.

Renee x 

Quote Of The Week why not?

All too often I hear the simple question of what if? Mostly it has not been with enthusiasm, with the undercurrent of a dare to strive for more, but with regret.

Regret drags you so far back into the past…What if I did this…What if I said yes…What if I said no…What if I could go back and do it all over again…STOP! Let it go. Change your mindset.

Instead, think why not? Doesn’t that sound so much more exciting?

Why not pulls you into the now, and now is the only moment setting us up for our future…so, why not BE in the moment? Why not take that first step? Why not live the life you want?

I know which two-word combination I will be using in the future…the future I am living for right now. What about you?

Renee x

Girls Night In girls night banner

I love having plans to look forward to on the weekend. Over the years, when my children were little, I placed many things in the too-hard-basket because I was tired. My then husband was a fifo worker and doing everything on my own meant getting out of the house became another chore.

Fed up with not having adult conversation, sometimes for most of the week, I decided to change my mindset. If it was too hard to bustle the kids in the car and go out, then I would invite my friends to come to me.

My house was large, with plenty of room for the kids to play, whilst the ladies and I sat back and enjoyed a movie night…pyjamas, popcorn, cocktails and candy…what more could we want.

On hand if the kids needed us, we took turns to peek at what they were up to, especially if they were too quiet, and anyone who wanted to crash the night did so.

Relaxed and fuss-free was the perfect end to a busy week.

So, if your keen for a girls night out and can’t think of what to do, or don’t have someone to call on as a regular babysitter, try your own version of a girls night in. Take it in turns to host, that way you lighten the load, even once a month gives you something fun to look forward to.

Remember to live, laugh and have fun…always!

Renee x



Stay Safe And Stay Strong


Last year, London stole a piece of my heart, never to be forgot.

My love, thoughts and empathy goes out to those affected by recent tragic events.

To the emergency services, you have my respect for handling the situation in a way that prevented more devastation.

To the people of London, and the rest of the world for that matter, stay safe and stay strong.

Renee x

Deadlines That Work For You deadline

Working for yourself, especially when doing so from home, is a tricky business. Being a busy mum, it can be difficult to maintain focus and to get the job done when little people are demanding your attention.

It seemed, in the past, that whenever I set myself a task, something would prevent me from getting the job done on time…the car battery ran flat, one of my children got a virus, which meant plans went out the window to care for them, or the cat swallowed lego and had to  go to the vet…yep, we all have days like that.

I used to set unrealistic deadlines and berated myself when I failed to meet them, or else worked through the night just to get them done. This didn’t equate to me living the life I loved, it saw to me being exhausted all of the time.

Still I continue to set deadlines, but now I do it a little different.

First I establish my major goals and then I break it down into bite size pieces that I can manage each day. As I always have so much on the go at once, I also prioritise as to what is the most important to me, or has to be completed first.

I find that by writing all of my goals down and breaking the steps up into monthly, fortnightly, weekly and daily lists, I a more efficient than if I make a mental note of what I should be doing. I’m busy. I don’t intentionally forget, but I’m merely human, not a machine.

As many of my projects tie in together, there are times that I can multitask to ease my workload. For example, I have three businesses and I write fiction books under three names. If I have a new book coming out and I intend to drop fliers in letterboxes, I ensure I have enough to promote across the board…I also help my dad out by promoting his horse transporting business, and will do the same for my mum who is currently establishing a business with the divine soap she makes (and I love!). Multitasking is what we, as mum’s, do best…work it to your advantage.

Another type of deadline I work to, and find to be an awesome incentive, is booking in for a workshop or a conference I need to have a project finished for. The reward of getting out and about makes the challenge even more enjoyable.

So, be realistic with your deadlines…if you don’t meet the one you set, then reschedule and keep going, you can do it! Look for incentives that work for you. Celebrate your successes and don’t beat yourself up for failing. Failure is the perfect way to learn what not to do next time. Move past disappointment quickly, push your deadline out a little if you can, and don’t break stride.

Keep moving forward and live your dreams.

Renee x